Curries and Rice

Aloo Bhat
My Mum’s secret recipe brought to your kitchen – spiced potatoes and vegetable curry cooked and mixed with rice.

Bhindi Fry
Fried okra with peanuts tempered in South Indian style – a must try recipe!

Punjabi Chole
Chickpea curry with tomato and onion gravy cooked with special homemade Punjabi spices.

Egg Curry
Fried eggs with onions and tangy tamarind gravy South Indian/Andhra style.

Butter Paneer
A delicious hot thick gravy made with pieces of grilled paneer mixed in a buttery sauce of tomatoes and onion paste.

Aloo Palak
For garlic lovers – Dry Potatoes and spinach curry cooked with cumin and plenty of garlic.

Tadka Dal
Cooked lentils stew, tempered with spices fried in oil or ghee.

Jeera Rice
A simple rice dish lightly spiced with cumin that goes well with spicy curries or on its own.

Curd Rice
South Indian specialty of cooked rice tossed in beaten yoghurt and tempered with South Indian flavours.

Lemon Rice
Simple rice recipe that is a day-to-day South Indian staple – tangy, spicy and flavored full of spices.

Matar Pulav
Aromatic rice with the sweet tones of peas.

Hyderabadi Handi Biryani
Popular Hyderabad Nizam dish using the biryani cooking process whereby rice and a thick spiced sauce are cooked separately, then brought together in layers.

Mixed Vegetable Pulav
Spiced potato cakes served with mint dip.