Chaat bandi (Indian Street Food Special)

Pav Bhaji
Your 5-a-day in one meal!!! Pav literally means buns and Bhaji is a thick vegetable curry topped with onions,coriander and lemon.Paneer Tikka,Paneer and vegetables marinated in spices and grilled.

Chinese Bhel
Deep fried noodles mixed with tangy chutney and salad.

Vada Pav
Indian-style burger with Indian-style sauces.

Bhel Puri
Spiced puffed rice mixed with tangy chutneys and salad.

Potatoes mixed with specially ground spices, stuffed in buns and served with chutney, hot chillies and spiced peanuts.
American Chopsuey
Indo-Chinese dish of deep fried noodles topped with thick vegetable gravy and garnished with egg omelet.
Spiced potato cakes served with mint dip.

Indo-Chinese pakoras cooked using Indo-Chinese spices and techniques.
Traditional Onion Bhajis
Onion bhaji the real Indian way with mint sauce.
Paneer Pakoras
Marinated paneer dipped in batter, deep fried and served with tangy sauce.
Papdi Chaat
Crispy dough wafers topped with spiced potatoes, yoghurt, tangy chutney and garnished with herbs.